Republica Beach Volleyball

Sunset tunes at Beach Volleyball Tuesday to Thursday on the beach in front of Republica, teams compete in Round Robin tournaments on St Kilda Beach.

Beach Volleyball and Live Music – from 6pm

• Tuesdays: Mixed 4-a-side

• Wednesdays: Mixed 4-a-side

• Thursdays: Mixed 4-a-side

Tournaments start at 6.30pm sharp and each team gets a minimum of 3 games. Registration is a must, contact

If you don’t have a team, contact us and we’ll try to hook you up. Cost is $80 per team. Enter each week into B Grade (beginner) or A grade (intermediate) by emailing. Fun for the people.

Republica Beach Volleyball

10–18 Jacka Boulevard
St Kilda 3182
Ph: Big Al on 0422 242 308
fb: Republica Beach Volleyball