Sunset Cali – 1 Fitzroy Street

Sunset Cali is the hidden gem of St Kilda, bringing the Californian multi-culture heritage of Latin style food.

With breathtaking views of the St Kilda Beach Sunset, world-class customer service, and tantalising dining, Sunset Cali is a 5 Star experience not to be missed.

We are committed to providing our tribe with unmatched customer service, punctual delivery, and beautifully prepared, fresh, healthy and tasty food every day. Sunset Cali is a place where people come to connect, express themselves, fill their tanks and at night a place to unwind.

We are dedicated to serving our community with stylish, delicious heart-healthy food that is cooked fresh from our very own St Kilda Beach kitchen. Going back to basics with our foundation of nutritional principles, we at Sunset Cali aim to serve fun, delicious meals from a combination of whole foods, natural spices, and Victorian produce.

Within the facility, we have a capacity of 50 (seated) indoors and a further 24 outdoors, adding an outdoor eating area/beer garden/courtyard.

At Sunset Cali, we want to make a difference in our community as well as deliver a world-class café and dining experience the likes of Melbourne has never seen while bringing love and health back to our plates!

Sunset Cali

1 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda 3182
Ph: 03 9525 5816