Michael Brinkworth – Australia Tour 2019 – Songs In The South

March 4, 2019 @ 7:00 pm Australia/Melbourne Timezone
Freddie Wimpoles
125 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda
The Manager
(03) 9525 4041
Michael Brinkworth - Australia Tour 2019 - Songs In The South @ Freddie Wimpoles

Michael Brinkworth will play a short set as part of the Songs In The South series, amongst other talented singer-songwriters.

Country Town – Official Video – http://bit.ly/2BtWidB
Liguria – Live from forthcoming album – https://bit.ly/2Oz7j44
Somewhere To Run From (last album) – http://bit.ly/2kX20d4
Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2zaLQ4Q

Brisbane born-and-bred troubadour and inadvertent Berlin folk scene veteran, Michael Brinkworth, is back for his second Australian tour, which at last glance looks to be 30+ dates and counting. He is touring his latest album, Somewhere To Run From, released by Berlin indie-label, Greywood Records, to great reviews last year, and at the same time crowdfunding for his highly-anticipated follow-up album, Wasted Wonder (coming this May).

Catch him on his latest adventure, solo-touring his homeland after the best part of 10 years traveling and living all over the shop. With a sound informed by the timeless songwriting greats, he has collected a backpack full of heart-felt road-worn songs, which have an originality, authenticity and candidness to match. Brinkworth earnestly takes the listener on a journey with his tasteful hybrid of rhythmic-finger-style guitar playing, entrancing melodic harmonica lines and deeply soulful voice combining a unique raw power and yearning but hopeful vulnerability, while his sincere heart-on-his-sleeves stage-presence and quite spontaneous set-choices make every concert a new experience.

Described by fellow Berlin singer-songwriter, Kilkelly, as “more music than man” and Berlin promoter/booker/radio presenter, Dan Eckhart, as “edgy and a bit disheveled, but incredibly honest”, his songs and live performances have reminded others of renowned artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, The Band, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Paul Kelly and Wilco. Caught between the crossroads, transitioning from a hitch-hiking busker to a fully-fledged recording artist, his true colours shine brightest in any given live setting, whether it be unplugged in a living room, for an intimate audience in a small dimly-lit bar, on a festival stage with his band or back on the street where it all began.

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